.351 Winchester Self-Loading, JSP, Box 20 Cartridge
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1 Box of 20 Cartridges:   .351 Winchester Self-loading, aka .351 WSL, New, Custom loaded production by BACO using new 357 Remington Maximum brass cases, reducing the rim diameter, and forming them into 351 Brass casesThen loading them with a 180 grain JSP (Jacketed Soft Point) projectiles. Loaded to SAAMI Specs. Please note, they still have the "R-P 357 REM MAX" head stamp, but they are 351 WSL cartridges, new and ready to shoot.

History of the .351WSL: The Winchester Company introduced the 351 WSL in 1907 for the Model 1907 SL rifle. Please note, again: WSL = Winchester Self-Loading or Semi-Auto. The 351WSL was more powerful then the 35 WSL, which was not suitable for deer-sized game, and the rifle was discontinued in 1920; however, as with the other WSL cartridges, the 351 was produced until app. mid-1950s by the major ammuntion producers, Winchester, Remington, Federal. Today only made by smaller ammuntion makers. Consider obosolete, by the major manfacturers.

  • Manufacturer: BACO, Buffalo Arms CO.

.351 Winchester Self-Loading, JSP, Box 20 Cartridge

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