.32 Rimfire, UMC, 1Cartridge not a Box! NO RETURNS.
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One Cartridge, not a Box: .32 Long Rim-Fire, by Remington or UMC (Union Metallic Company) brand, with "U" head stamp, and Lead Oxide on projectile. Sold as a collectible, may not fire due to age, no returns.
History of the .32 Long Rim-Fire cartridge:
The 32 long rimfire was introduced in 1861 for the Smith & Wesson revolver and later in many pistols and rifles. Stevens made rifles until 1936. Ammunition manufacturing was discontinued in the late 1950s, except for a small production of  Navy Arms brand by CBC of Brazil in the mid 1990s.

  • Manufacturer: REM-UMC, older Remington Co.

.32 Rimfire, UMC, 1Cartridge not a Box! NO RETURNS.

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