.36 Caliber Paper Combustible, One Cartridge, Not a Box!
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One Cartridge, not a box: ( .36 Caliber) live reproduction, combustible, paper cartridge. One Cartridge in a plastic tube. Each Cartridge has 12 grains fffg black powder and .375” Hornady lead ball. This is a Live black power cartridge.

Please note: packages of six cartridges available in related items.

History of the Paper Combustible Cartridge: Back in the day (1850's) Colt patterned the "Combustible Paper Cartridge" in 1855 for both rifle and pistol firearms.  They  were used to replace the 4 step process of musket loading (loading the black powder, then wadding, then the ball and wax) into the simpler, faster way of loading the one step cartridge, but still able to use the same firearm  (a major cost savings for countries at war, i.e., the Civil War).
The paper combustibles were a huge advantage, but short lived.  In the early to mid-1860's, during  the Civil War years, the copper, then brass cartridge was developed and became available first in the rimfire patent, then in centerfire.
We at www.ammo-one.com normally will not deal in older paper cartridges as there are many reproductions and fakes on the marketplace.

  • Manufacturer: Privately Made by Licenced Custom Loader

.36 Caliber Paper Combustible, One Cartridge, Not a Box!

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