.25 WSSM by Winchester, 120 grain PEP, Box of 20 Cartridges
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One Box of 20 Cartridges: .25 Winchester Super Short Magnum (25 WSSM) produced  by Winchester using new Brass Cases, and a 120 grain PEP (Positive Expanding Point) bullets, basically a JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point that expands better.

Please note: For Single cartridges for collectors of this see below in related items.

History of the 25 Winchester Super Short Magnum Cartridge:
The  25 Winchester Super Short Magnum Cartridge or 25 WSSM (for short) was one of the 7 WSSM & WSM cartridges introduce in the early 2000's (app. 2003).
Winchester came out with the 7 new cartridges known as the WSSM(Winchester Super Short Magnum) in .223", .243" and .25" calibers, and   the WSM (Winchester Short Magnums) in 7mm, .270" ,.300" and .325"
Basically, they took the idea from the Lazzeroni Company with a slightly steeper
shoulder angle.
Winchester also produced the rifles in all 7 calibers, then a few years down the road stopped making the ammunition to the dismay of all the rifle  owners.
Now it seems to be back in stock and other ammunition producers are also making the
ammunition again

  • Manufacturer: Winchester / Olin, todays company

.25 WSSM by Winchester, 120 grain PEP, Box of 20 Cartridges

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