.50-95 Winchester, Jamison, Lead, One Single Cartridge
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Please Note: Loaded with smokeless power for use in new reproduction rifles in good condition. If shot in an older rifle , shoot at own risk, may case injury or death.
One Cartridge: .50-95 Winchester, by Jamison USA , Made from new brass with “50-95WCF JBA” Head-Stamp and a 350 grain Lead projectile. "Live", loaded with smokeless power. 

History of .50-95 Winchester Cartridge: *50-95 WCF. The 50-95 WCF or 50-95 Winchester Express was introduced in 1879 for the Winchester 1876 Centennial Rifle. 
The cartridge is an improvement on the 50-70 Government Military Cartridge, with a very slightnecked case. It has been obsolete for well over 60 years, accept from a few small companies. *WCF = Winchester Center Fire.

  • Item #: R.5095WinJamison350grLead1
  • Manufacturer: Jamison International VLLC
  • Condition: New

.50-95 Winchester, Jamison, Lead, One Single Cartridge

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