.32-20 Winchester, New by P.C.I., Lead, One Box of 50
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ATSBuy 3 boxes and save $30.00 total of the one box price!

This is a box of 50 cartridges not 20 cartridges like other makers.!

One Box of 50 cartridges. .32-20 Winchester or .32 WCF, new production, loaded with new brass, non-corrosive and a 120 grain lead projectile. Re-Loadable. If any issues, returns go to P.C.I. for replacement, not us.

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One Box of 50 @ $ 49.99 per Box              
 2 Boxes of 50 @ $ 44.99 per Box (Save $10.00 over one box cost)
 3 Boxes of 50 @ $ 39.99 per Box (Save $30.00 over one box cost)

Please note: This cartridge is listed in Collectible (Inch) Rifle & Pistol categories.

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History of this caliber. This cartridge should not be confused with the .32 W.S.L. Winchester, 32-40 Winchester and the .32 Winchester Special - those are all different from themselves and the 32-20 W.C.F. The 32-20 Winchester or 32-20 WCF (for Winchester Center Fire) or also called just plain 32 Winchester, was introduced in 1882 as a "black powder" cartridge for the model 73 lever-action rifle.  It was not long after its introduction that most other manufacturers were making rifles and pistols for the caliber as it was very popular as a mid-power cartridge for the day for small to mid-size game out to 150 yards, but under-powered for deer size game. The most popular firearm this caliber was chambered in, was the Colt "Police Positive" pistol.

  • Item #: PRB32-20WinP/L1Box50lead
  • Manufacturer: P.C.I. = Precision Cartridge Company

.32-20 Winchester, New by P.C.I., Lead, One Box of 50

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