.500 JRH, JHP, One Cartridge not a box!
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One Cartridge: .500 JRH (aka 500 S&W Short) by Grizzly Cartridge Company, factory loaded using new Starline brass with a "*∩* 500 JRH”" Head-Stamp and loaded with a350 grain J.S.P.  (Jacketed Soft point) projectile.
History of the .500 JRHCartridge: Invented by Jack Huttington before 2008?  Another big bore Handgun Cartridge. From American Hangunner: "Trying to decide which came first, Huntington's .500 JRH or the Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum may be a chicken or egg first argument. It's sufficient to say that currently the .500 JRH is basically a .500 S&W Magnum cartridge cut to approximately 1.40"

  • Manufacturer: Grizzly Cartridge Company

.500 JRH, JHP, One Cartridge not a box!

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