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History of the .45 Wildey cartridge: The 45 Wildey was produced by necking down the 475 Wildey and introduced in 1997 as the first Big-Bore, bottle-neck cartridge.
(2001) This is what you get when you never give up! This is the brain child of Mr. Wildey Moore. After being turned out of his own company by investors interested in the almighty dollar vs. makingone of the best hand guns ever built. Mr.Wildey Moore started all over again, and created these dream firearms, good for him, never give up on your dreams!(2013)
Sad to say Wiley retired about 2010 and the company looks to be out of business. No one, to my knowledge is currently making his calibers of ammunition, so now obsolete.

  • Manufacturer: Wildey

.45 Wildey, One Cartridge

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