.476 Enfield or .476 Eley, One Cartridge
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Please note: In the picture, two cartridges to left are Mark III, one cartridge on the Right is a Mark II
One Cartridge: . 476 Enfield Revolver also called  .476 Eley revolver cartridge.
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History of the .476 Enfield Revolver Cartridge: Three versions!
The 476 Eley, or a.k.a. .476 Enfield Mark III, or a.k.a. .476 Revolver was introduced in October of 1880 as the Mark I.
The Mark I for the British Military Pistol Revolver B.L. Enfield  where only a small amount were sent to India, and  no more of the Mark I were produced.
The Mark II was introduced in November 1880, and the case was solid drawn with a small boxer primer and no headstamp. They difference in the Mark II over the Mark I was  in form and dimensions of bullet and the case was coned into a cannelure in the projectile and the projectile was pointed and no cannelure was outside the case. Production after June 1881 had three stab crimps added to better secure the bullet.
The Mark III  replaced  the Mark II in  January of 1882.  The major different was the projectile round nosed lead alloy bullet had more bulging nose  and three cannelures, with the top cannelure outside the case. The venison, Mark III, was used in the British Service revolver unit replaced by the .455 Revolver MkII or a.k.a. .455 Webley around 1897.

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.476 Enfield or .476 Eley, One Cartridge

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