.22/44 Tuba, Rimmed, Wildcat, One Cartridge
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One Cartridge: .22/44 Tuba Mark II (Rimmed) A working wildcat cartridge, made in a 5 step process of necking down a .44 Remington Magnum case to .22 caliber and loaded with 55 grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacket)  and these for sale with a dummy primer.

History of the .22 Tuba Cartridges: These cartridges started out as a joke or novelty, but they are now a working cartridge The two different 22 Tuba cartridges were designed, produced and have been fired in a special firearm by Zachary Weighman, a highly respected cartridge collector and wild-cater. With the idea that these funnel shaped cartridges will force all the powder to be burn and vaporized long before they reach the rifling.The idea of a shorten larger diameter case necked down to a small bore or so called Super Short Magnums and Short magnum caught fast on in the early 2000's in the rifle category with Winchester stealing the idea from Lazzeroni with 3 WSSM and 4 WSM cartridges and Remington following with there own Short Magnum cartridges.  


.22/44 Tuba, Rimmed, Wildcat, One Cartridge

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