.17 Cal. "Incinerator" .50BMG to .17Cal WC, One Cartridge
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Please Note: In the picture on the right, above: 17 Incinertor (left) and 50 BMG (right) for size comparision.

One Cartridge:  .17 Cal. "Incinerator", 50 BMG to .17 Cal. Wildcat.   Over 4" tall! Wildcat lovers have always wanted a 50 BMG or 50 Caliber Brown Machine Gun, necked down to .17 Caliber however, it takes a lot of work and expensive dies & machinery. Not to mention, it would explode in your face. Yes of it is a joke, dummy cartridge. 

Well here it is! a .50 Cal. BMG (.5") necked down to 17 Cal or (.17").   No it isn't live, it is a dummy cartridge, but the work is excellent, and it will get you a lot of "What's that" from your friends. May have minor tool marks and need to be polished with brass polish.

  • Manufacturer: ammo-one.com Private Label

.17 Cal. "Incinerator" .50BMG to .17Cal WC, One Cartridge

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