.32 Remington Auto (Automatic) New By P.C.I., Boxes of 20
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One Box of 20 Cartridges: .32 Remington Auto, new production using new brass a cases loaded with a 170 grain lead projectile, for better use in the Remington Model 8 pump rifle. Loaded to SAAMI Specs.  If any issues, returns go to P.C.I. for replacement, not us.

Please note: These cartridge will work in the Remington Model 8 pump rifle due to the blunt end lead projectile, in addition to the Remington semi-automatic rifles.

History of the .32 Remington Auto Cartridge: The .32 Remington Automatic or .32 Remington Auto is one in a series of 4 Remington autoloading cartridges, introduced in 1906 for the Remington Model 8 Auto-Loader rifle. The 30 Remington was Remington's "rimless" answer to the 30-30 Winchester, with was basically the same ballistics as the 30-30, however not the same as the .32 Remington Auto. Two completely different calibers. The series of auto-loading cartridges which included the .25, .30, .32, and .35 Remington, sometimes also called  Remington Auto-loads. The .25, .30, and .32 are the same case with different diameter projectiles, the .35 is a wider case,

  • Manufacturer: P.C.I. = Precision Cartridge Company

.32 Remington Auto (Automatic) New By P.C.I., Boxes of 20

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