(1.) 9x19mm Luger, Shell Shock Case, loaded, One Cartridge
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Please Note: Maximum order on this item is 3 cartridges, shipped with other items.

One Cartridge: 9x18mm a.k.a. 9mm Luger (+P), pistol cartridge and used in a few rifles. Loaded by Creedmoor Sports, using a special two piece case by Shell Shock Technology, with "S3 9mm LUGER" head-stamp and a 124 grain JHP (jacketed hollow point) projectile.

History of Shell Shock Case: From Shell Shock Technology's web-site: “Engineered for the future: 50% lighter and 2x stronger than brass.  Outperforms nickel-plated brass on every level. Uniform wall thickness + proprietary assembly techniques = reliable and consistent velocity, 0.93 fps standard deviation. . . Ejects cool to touch.  Made in the USA.” Other reviews from Police Products with Lindsey J. Bertomen: “Shell Shock Technology’s brass is a two-piece product. The cylindrical part, closest to the bullet, is a nickel alloy stainless steel.  Since regular stainless steel really isn’t magnetic, they have added that property in the formula. The base is nickel-plated aircraft aluminum.  They are joined together by a proprietary process. The flash hole in a Shell Shock brass is inherently concentric. It's slightly larger than a standard flash hole, with a slight taper. The Shell Shock case can handle quite a bit more chamber pressure than standard brass. For this particular 9 mm, it has been tested as high as 65,000 psi. By the way, since the base is aluminum, it can be anodized into any color. This can lead to quick cartridge identification.”

  • Manufacturer: Creedmoor Sports

(1.) 9x19mm Luger, Shell Shock Case, loaded, One Cartridge

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