.22 W.C.F. by Win., W.R.A. H/S, One Cartridge Not a Box.
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One Cartridge, NOT A BOX:  .22 W.C.F.  (for Winchester Center-Fire) produced by Winchester Repeating Arms Company; has brass case with a W.R.A. 22 WCF” head-stamp, a W on the brass primer and loaded with black powder and a 45 grain lead bullet (1885 to 1930s era). Please note: W.R.A. stands for Winchester Repeating Arms.

History of the .22 W.C.F.  (Winchester Center-Fire) cartridge:
The .22 W.C.F. (Winchester Center Fire) cartridge was introduced in 1885 as a black powder cartridge for use in the Winchester Model 1885 single-shot rifle and 19 years later, in 1904, was chambered in the Remington No. 7 Rolling Block rifle.
The case was a slight bottleneck design, loaded with a 45-grain lead flat-point bullet and 13 grains of black powder.  It produced a 1,550 feet per second muzzle velocity, which was very impressive for the black powder period.  The cartridge was very popular as a small game, target and varmint round.  With the advent of smokeless powders, shooters wanted a cartridge that would not foul the barrel, like the black power cartridges.
The .22 WCF was retired in the mid-1930s after the introduction of the .22 Hornet in the late 1920s (smokeless powder cartridges very similar in dimensions to the 22 W.C.F.).
  • Manufacturer: W.R.A., Older Winchester Repeating Arms Company

.22 W.C.F. by Win., W.R.A. H/S, One Cartridge Not a Box.

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