22-15-60 Stevens, By U.M.C., One Cartridge, not a Box.
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One cartridge, not a box: 22-15-60 Stevens factory loaded by Union Metallic Company with “U.M.C. 22-15-60" head-stamp and 60 grain lead bullet.

History of the 22-15-60 Stevens Cartridge:
The 22-15-60 Stevens Cartridge (a/k/a .22-15-60, .22-15-16 Herrick, .22-15)   was introduced in 1896 for the Stevens 44 and 44 ½ single shot, breech loaded rifles produced by J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company of Chicopee, Massachusetts.
The cartridge was designed by Charles H. Herrick of Winchester (the town not the company), Massachusetts.
The cartridge designation of 22-15-60 refers to 22 caliber (.22" diameter) - 15 grains FFFFg or FFFg. black powder and 60 grain lead bullet.
This cartridge was a great improvement (back in the day) over the Winchester 22 WCF cartridge and used for some game and varmint hunting.
Both Winchester (using the W.R.A. head-stamp) and Union Metallic Company (using the  U.M.C. head-stamp) and possibly Remington produced this cartridge.
The Stevens organization worked with men who today would be called “wild-catters” to make rifles for cartridges of someone else’s design. Examples are the .22-15-60, .25-20 Single Shot, .25-21, .25-25, .28-30, .32 Ideal, .32-35, .38-35 and .38-45, many given a Stevens name.

  • Manufacturer: UMC, Union Metallic Company

22-15-60 Stevens, By U.M.C., One Cartridge, not a Box.

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