Very interesting Military production in 1937 by *Dutch Netherlands Armory.
Using new *FN empty cases purchased in 1922 by the Dutch Netherlands Armory from* FN
That is why the two headstamps; “22 FN” stamped by *FN when the cases were produced and then the fill date and lot: "4A 37" codes stamped on the fill date by *Dutch Netherlands Armory.

One Cartridge, not a box: 6.5x53.5Rmm Dutch *M.S. (*M.S. for Mannlicher Schoenauer) (RIMMED). Head stamped "22 4A FN 37" loaded in 1937 with a steel jacketed projectile.

‚ě§Head Stamp information:
The “22" at 12:00 is for 1922 along with the “FN at 6:00 were first stamped by *FN in 1922, when the case was made..
The second stamping “4A" at 3:00 is the lot number 4, or second lot of 1937, the "A" is for powder or shift and the "37" is year filled, 1937.
*FN = National Factory of Weapons of War of Herstal, Belgium.
*Dutch Netherlands Armory in the Netherlands or *K.N.I,L. of Indonesia
*K.N.I,L = (Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger of Indonesia under Dutch rule at the time of loading.

History of 6.5x53.5 Rmm Dutch Mannlicher:
The 6.5x53.5 Rmm Dutch Mannlicher cartridge, also known as the .256 Mannlicher cartridge  was one of the first smokeless, small, 6.5mm caliber military rifle cartridges designed by Otto Schoenauer (Austrian Arms-Manufacturing Company or ) for 1890 Romanian trials to find a small bore smokeless repeating rifle. Produce was made by many manufactures.  
The cartridge was use in Mannlicher Model 1891 Bolt-action rifle, which was adopted by Romania in 1892 for the Mannlicher M1893 and the Netherlands in 1895 for the M95 Mannlicher bolt action rifles.   
During the second world war the ball rounds were also produced in Austria with a steel case version with slightly thinner curved rim with "am" factory code on the headstamp and steel  jacketed bullet.
Production of steel cased cartridges was also done by FN in Belgium (with "ch" headstamp code).  The steel cased cartridges were used in captured M95 rifles,  Swartzlose machineguns (M.08) and Lewis machineguns (M.20).

  • Manufacturer: K.N.I.L. of Indonesia (Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger)

6.5x53.5Rmm Dutch M.S. 1937 22 4A FN 37 H/S 1 round not a bo

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