5.75 Velo Dog, aka, 5.5, FMJ, One Cartridge OBSOLETE
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One Cartridge. 5.75 Velo Dog, aka 5.5 Velo Dog. Produced app. in 1995 on a special run by Fiocchi of Italy loaded with a 43 grain FMJ ( Full Metal Jacket) projectile,  Revolver, the  only revolver to chamber this caliber.

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History of 5.7 VELO DOG Cartridge: The 5.75mm Velo Dog is a revolver cartridge
that was introduce in France 1894 for the Velo Dog revolver. Loaded in the USA until the
early 1940s, and in Italy until app. 1995. Now Obsolete! This cartridge was designed for bicyclists to shoot pursuing dogs, which would be a problem today, in this world not being able to defend yourself.

  • Item #: P5.7VeloDogFiocchi1FMJ
  • Manufacturer: Fiocchi Munizioni

5.75 Velo Dog, aka, 5.5, FMJ, One Cartridge OBSOLETE

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