4.25mm Liliput, One Cartridge
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One Cartridge: 4.25 Liliput by unknown make in Austria or Germany.
Please Note: The picture in top right above is for size comparison; Left to Right, 4.25mm Liliput, 32 auto, 9mm Luger, .45 ACP.

Please note:  For other miniature cartridges,see below in related items.

History 4.25mm Liliput Auto  cartridge: The  4.25mm Liliput Auto, a.k.a.  4.25mm Erika Auto was desined by Fritz Pfannl and introduced in Austria for the Erika semi-auto miniature pistol. It was later introduced in Germany in 1920 for the, German miniature Liliput semi-auto pistol, which was produced by August Menz of Suhl, Germany.
At this writing ,we can not find out, who produced the cartridge and when it was discontinued.

  • Manufacturer: Unknown European Manufacturer

4.25mm Liliput, One Cartridge

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