.375 JDJ by Thompson / Center One Cartridge, Multi Discounts!
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Maximum order is 10 cartridges on this item.

One cartridge. 375 JDJ by Thompson Center, made by Hornady Manf. Co.  loaded with 120 grain JSP (Jacketed Soft Point) projectiles and hard to find "T/C 375 JDJ" Head-Stamp. Factory loaded, shoot-able, reload-able ammunition Discounts on multi-cartridges: 1 Cartridge $11.95, 5 cartridges $10.95, 10 Cartridge: $9.95. However maximum order is still 10 cartridges on this item.

Please Note: Because this cartridge is used in both a pistol or rifle firearms, it is listed in both Shooting and Collectible Pistol and Rifle Sections.

History of 375 JDJ: The 375 JDJ was designed by J. D. Jones of SSK Industries in 1978 as a Wildcat Cartridge, formed from the 444 Marlin "Parent" cartridge used in the custom JDJ barrel for the T/C Contender. The 375 JDJ was a "Wildcat" cartridge, until 2004, when Thompson Centerfire  (T/C) marketed this caliber in T/C barrels for the Contender and Encore firearms, and the cartridge was produced by Hornady for T/C.

  • Item #: PRW375JDJ1TCjsp
  • Manufacturer: Thompson / Center
  • Condition: New

.375 JDJ by Thompson / Center One Cartridge, Multi Discounts!

Price: $11.95
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10 or more: $9.95 each
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