.45 Winchester Magnum, New, FMJ, Box of 50
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One Box of 50 Cartridges: .45 Winchester Magnum, new production, P/L, produced with new brass cases with “*∩ * 45 WIN MAG” Head-Stamp and 230 grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) projectiles Please Note: Volume discounts, 1 Box @ $69.95, 2 boxes @ $64.95 per Box, 3 boxes @ $59.95 per box.

Please Note: Single cartridges for collectors available, please see below in related items.

History of the 45 Winchester Magnum Cartridge:The .45 Winchester Magnum, a.k.a. .45 Win Mag. as introduced in 1978, and chambered in the Wildey "gas-operated" pistol and later in the T/C Thompson/Center Contender pistol. The 45 Win Mag is similar to the 45ACP but about  1/3" longer. It is a great hunting cartridge for a large semi-auto pistol like the Wildey, Desert Eagle, and LAR Grizzley.

  • Item #: PB.45WinMagFMJ1Box50
  • Manufacturer: ammo-one.com Private Label
  • Condition: New

.45 Winchester Magnum, New, FMJ, Box of 50

Price: $69.95
2 or more: $64.95 each
3 or more: $59.95 each
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